Glo London’s New Year Mojito Bash

On December 31st, 2014 at Glo London in Lao Waitan, tradition was substituted with excitement and flair. Champagne, the humble and trusted New Year’s beverage of choice the world over, was replaced by the mojito. Not just one, but 30 different colorful and tasty interpretations of the drink.
Glo London’s New Year’s Eve Mojito Party was nothing short of amazing. Making our way in the much colder evening to Lao Waitan, we entered the restaurant to find it packed to the brim with patrons making merry and eagerly tasting one of many kinds of mojito. At the bar two staff members were busy away crafting up their flamboyant concoctions while a projector screened the Victoria’s Secret 2014 Fashion Show.

Focused on the night, not on the show
Focused on the night, not on the show

After a bit of waiting and asking around, we procured our first drinks. The flavors were amazing, and since it was unlimited and free until midnight, it was hard to stop going to the bar to ask for more. Along with trying some drinks, Everyone we talked to tended to like the fruit versions, as each of their specific flavors – such as strawberry, watermelon, passion fruit, and others – were wonderful and added individuality to each drink.
These were not the only flavors present, with more bold and strong versions such as the Dirty Mojito and others, it was hard to pick which one was the best. In order to save time, we compiled a list of three of our favorites. Below is a list of three of our favorite mojitos at the party, one’s we wish we had the recipe for.

The Dirty Mojito (L) and Glo Mojito (R)
The Dirty Mojito (L) and Glo Mojito (R)

Tropical Mojito – Made with pineapple juice, coconut juice, rum, tonic water, lime, and other fruit flavors, this tropical interpretation of the mojito was described by one patron as “basically a pina colada”. He was right, as the coconut flavor made a very interesting combination with the pineapple, rum and other ingredients.
Glo Mojito – The classical mojito, with lemon juice, lime, sugar spirits, mint, tonic, and rum, was a great and tasty treat. Everything about the drink was perfect and each sip was refreshing with enough of a kick and warmth to keep going back for more.
Dirty Mojito – The bartender’s top pick, this one was our most favorite as well. Made with lime, a helping of brown sugar, Captain Morgan’s rum – a different rum than all other versions, and tonic water, this one was amazing. Each sip had a kick to it and the combination of rum and brown sugar enhanced the lime and tonic flavors, making for a joy ride for the taste buds.




Originally published in Ningbo Focus issue 42, January & February 2015

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